Week 2 Nutrition- Why & Where you Eat!

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In last week’s nutrition focus we looked at identifying the rubbish foods from our cupboards! Did you surprise yourself with how many sugary, salty, bad fat foods you found? Shop wisely from this point on: save time, money and avoid the excess pounds in weight!
This week we are thinking about our eating habits.
WHERE we eat? 
Take 5 minutes to think about WHERE you eat.  Do you always sit down to enjoy the food you have prepared OR do you find yourself eating a quick snack as you rush between school pick up and doing errands? Do you graze your way through the dinner whilst it is half cooked? Do you walk about eating or are you always eating out?
Allow your body time to acknowledge the nutrition of the food you eat and time to digest it. Give yourself time to stop, sit down and enjoy your eating time.  Physically making your own food and putting it on your plate helps you see the amount you are eating and what it is made up of! Try to eat with your family and celebrate the sharing of food:)
When you feel stressed, frustrated, tired, rewarding yourself or even just thirsty- many of us eat our way back to feeling better? Numerous factors in our day affect why we put food in our mouths! Sometime good choices sometimes not!:(
Have a think and write down 5 triggers for you personally? By eating balanced meals and staying hydrated throughout the day (usually 3 main meals plus 2 additional snacks/ fruit & 8 glasses of water) this will help your mind and body feel content and not look to poor choices to resolve problems in your day.

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