Personal Fitness

Keen to make your health and fitness a priority but unsure where to start? Let Personal Trainer, Nina guide you on your fitness journey.

Why not try a course of Personal Fitness with Nina who specialises in women’s specific exercise: 1-to-1 personal training, mother & daughter sessions and ante and postnatal exercise. 

For some, health and fitness has always been a priority in their lives and sport is their first choice when it comes to leisure time activities. For most though, it falls off the bottom of the priority list until the weight piles on, the bad back arrives or the realisation they can’t keep up with the kids hits them!!!

Whatever your personal journey with fitness has been, if you want to make positive changes to your well being and get the best from your body now and for the future then invest in a course of one-to-one Personal Fitness sessions.

Nina is a Sport Science Graduate, has 20 years of health and fitness experience personally and working with adults and children. She holds the following  up to date qualifications:

MSc Sport Science Degree, YMCA Personal trainer Level 3, Nutritional Management, Ante and Postnatal exercise, Level 3 First Aid.

Nina  has a wide range of experience but focuses on 1-to-1, partner training as well as, mother & daughter sessions!

Discount available for block bookings & small group training.

Please get in touch to find out more., or 07824 508536