Why exercise can help with postnatal depression

Why exercise can help with postnatal depression

How exercise and ‘happy hormones’ can help you 🙂

When you’re feeling down it can be difficult to start exercising, but take that first step and you will quickly feel the benefits.

Exercise helps to release endorphins (happy hormones) into your system. These lift your mood and reset your brain patterns, leading to an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Enkephalins are also released into the bloodstream, which act as natural painkillers and increases the levels of other natural antidepressant chemicals within the body.

As an added bonus exercise also aids sleep: quality sleep makes the world a lot easier to deal with and helps build a more positive perspective of day-to-day life as a mother:)

Nothing beats exercising with other mums! Come to one of our classes, BUMP FITNESS, Buggy FITNESS and MumMe FITNESS, and get your exercise in a friendly group with others that understand.

Future Family Fitness is where we mums exercise, elevate our happy hormones, feel the sense of achievement and thrive from sharing it with others, we’d love to see you at our next session 🙂







Week 5 Nutrition – 5 a day!

5-a-day really do help you work, rest and play;)

I know you know, but do YOU eat 5-a-day?

5 Reasons why to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables each day:

  1. Convenience- the best easy, quick snack to keep your energy levels up!
  2. Fibre- fills you up while keeping your digestive system happy!
  3. Low in fat, moderate in calories- around 100 calories per medium piece of fruit!
  4. Packed in vitamins and minerals, reducing you chance of disease!
  5. Variety- lots of colours and textures, all helping maintain positive health for different reasons!

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