£6.50 pay as you go or £35 for 7-week course.

Monday 9.45 – 10.30 am.  

Outdoors at Fishmore park, off Fishmore Close, Ludlow.

Wednesday 9.25- 10.15 am 

CasCA community Centre, Craven Arms, SY7 9PS.

Book now by contacting Nina on

  • You get: Optional weigh-in and measurements week 1 & 7; daily mini workout; complimentary pass for another class/ transferable to a friend.
  • MumMe FITNESS is a 45-minute workout that challenges the major muscles, takes time to focus on positive posture and gets those endorphins boosted with cardio bursts!
  • What you need– trainers, comfy clothes and water. (If you already have a mat please bring it along).
  • Kids welcome– babies in buggies or toddlers can enjoy the park and fresh air while you workout! Tunnels, pop-up tent and many more toys provided every session.
  • First session– please come 10 mins early so I can introduce myself and get you signed in:)