Hi Nina, I just wanted to say thanks to you for the progress I’ve made back into fitness since the Leap into Action on 29 February! I feel fitter and more energised than I have since before I had the baby, even! I can run around with my 3 year old and walk her legs off now, plus I like my shape and my jeans fit!! Woo! I can’t believe your workouts have helped so quickly and still been fun. Plus I’ve met loads of lovely new friends with kids as well. See you at class on Monday 🙂

What an amazing workout yesterday morning! Everything hurts this morning, so it must be working! So much fun, and toddler enjoyed having a go at the park and working out a bit with the rest of the mums!

” I really enjoy going to MumMe fitness on a Wednesday ! It’s brilliant being able to take my son with me too as there is no guilt for having me time or need to find childcare. This fitness class has helped change my life around for the better as I was suffering with post natal depression and it’s really helped me to make positive steps in the right direction. I would recommend these classes to anyone at any level of fitness. I am complete novice at exercise and fitness but i take it at my own pace but I feel wonderful I have more energy, my body is starting to take shape, I’m more flexible and my aches and pains have disappeared, Thank you nina !”