Buggy Fitness Ludlow Shropshire

Buggy Fitness Classes with Nina Walmsley

Welcome to Buggy Fitness with Future Family Fitness, the best class for Mums wanting to get back to fitness with their new baby!
Nina who is a specialist in ante and post-natal exercise instructs every class. She has a wealth of health and fitness experience, is very friendly and approachable as well as having been through it all herself being a mother of two!
Each class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Enjoy the benefits of exercising in the fresh air, the endorphins that come with it, all while having fun with other new mums and their babies.
We’ll be burning the calories while we power walk and jog along quiet paths; completing circuits, shuttles, lots of strengthening and stabilising all those key areas post birth; adjusting and optimising our posture; lots of variety each week, and having a whole lot of laughs while we do it!
Whatever your concerns (whether it’s about boobs or bladders, or something else!) Nina will always offer her specialist advice and help you make a step forward towards the fitter ‘MumMe’! Don’t worry you’ll be feeling energised and back in shape in no time, along with your pelvic floor muscles

1. Once you’ve passed your 6-week GP check- you’re ready to begin. I’ll send you a post-natal questionnaire to complete and return before the first class.
2. Bring blanket or towel, bottle of water, toy/ snack to help keep baby happy.
3. It is advisable to feed your baby before coming to class so baby isn’t hungry. Plus if you are breast-feeding it makes for a more comfortable workout too.
4. No special buggy needed, just the one you normally push about
5. Wear comfortable clothing and trainers.
if you’re interested in joining Nina please do get in touch: fb.com/NinaHealthandFitness or nina@futurefamilyfitness.co.uk.